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Anonymous said: what is your thoughts on that women against feminism blog? how ignorant are their supporters?


I’ve been aware of that “blog” and it’s silly partakers for a while. It’s basically a wide variety of misinformed trend following people who all have different opinions about what feminism is (and I’m speaking about feminism from their knowledge of it which is like 2009-2014 feminism, who are completely missing what feminism has accomplished in the fifty+ years of its existence) and who are all “anti-feminist”, the majority of them are women (just going by the “submitted photographs”) who constantly rant about slutwalks, catcalls, body hair and hold signs up with writing to get their message across the internet, you know, ones that really don’t accomplish anything but just partake in following a trendy internet movement. They’re also really caught up in some sort of negative rant about the “rape culture” and “patriarchy.” It’s like they’re unaware that feminist (men and women) are the ones that stood against men’s rights (majority of men were fighting the feminism cause) ten and twenty and thirty years ago to make sure that raping your spouse (man or woman) is illegal throughout most of planet Earth. Also it seems their mistaking “anarcha/radical/socialist” feminist, putting them all into a blender and mixing all feminism into one belief that it’s all “anti-men” “anti-patriarchy.” It makes me want to buy each one of them a book with the title of ‘A Room of One’s Own’ just to let them read about a woman’s writing in the year 1928/1929 to understand how things have or haven’t changed. How lesbianism was needed to be kept secret but many women even then were standing for their genders. How books written by men (and only men) for colleges were speaking about how a woman feels as women weren’t allowed to give their input. For it may be your opinion that the book is possibly helping or hurting feminism. It’s an interesting read and look into one’s mind of one living in the 1920’s.

I believe we’re currently in the fourth wave of feminism. Waves only last for so long before they change route and with the internet widely used today and more popular than ever, it’s that time we admit we’re on a new wave, a more social interaction. The problem with this is as I already stated, trendy followers. People who never heard of feminism and deep down, they really don’t care either way, they’re just wanting to complain about something or get involved with a movement that is cool (like Occupy Wallstreet for example, we all remember the many involved with that who had no idea what was going on or what it was for) - If anything it shows that feminism is needed more so than ever today to educate the young unknowing and help women with themselves, not anything to do with men or against men, if they want to get involved, great, if not, great. But basically to question why women are so against their own movement when some have very little knowledge about why it’s existing or what it’s fighting for.


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